cropped-cropped-img_8698.jpgCarrie Nolan has been a practitioner of the healing arts for fifteen years.  In 2011, she opened a successful clinical practice, directing and working with a staff of holistic health practitioners.  Using a unique combination of intuitive healing and a clinical approach, she’s had success in treating issues of the body and providing pain relief, where other therapies have failed.

staffmeeting2In addition, she is a freelance writer with ten years of experience in creating marketing materials, website and social media content, and developing policies and procedures for clinics, and non-profit organizations.  She’s written articles for publication about bodywork education, marriage, parenting, political issues, health, and religion.

A life long learner, she is continually taking classes, studying and reading.  She’s currently studying to practice and teach Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation.  She lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado with her family.